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About Us

Our Vision

 We aim to be a world class pharmacy group helping to improve the lives of people 

Our Mission

To be the first choice in pharmaceutical needs within our community offering the highest level of care.


Our 3 guiding principles

1. Customers set the course
   The influence of market forces in healthcare is continually growing. This means that our customers are looking at our services more critically. They are challenging us to earn their business by offering better care, service and accessibility. 
2. It pays to invest in healthcare
   Investing in healthcare is investing in people and society. This is what we believe and what drives us.We want to make it possible for our customer to cope better with their illness or condition so that they feel healthier and can continue to play a part in society.
3. Inspired to innovate
                     The motivation to deliver better healthcare inspires innovation. Innovation means we have to find new ways of serving our customers with even better care 


We are proud supporter's of Vietnam Vision who over the past 10 years have carried out more than 5,000 cataract operations for the poor and blind in rural areas of Central and South Vietnam.
From 2011, dental practitioners joined the Vietnam Vision Program providing dental care and preliminary treatment of dental conditions to over 800 disadvantaged people, especially children in rural Vietnam.
The Mediconsul Group believes in supporting local community as well as making a difference on a global scale.