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Parachoc 200Ml

Item Code: 083501

  • Children’s Parachoc is a lubricant laxative containing liquid paraffin.
  • It contains no bowel stimulant so it’s suitable for long term use.
  • Children’s Parachoc works by gently lubricating the bowel wall and softening the faecal mass.
  • This makes the stool easier for children to pass and helps children achieve an ideal bowel movement.

  • Always speak with your healthcare professional when treating constipation.
  • Allow 3-4 days for the recommended dose to start to soften and move the stool through the bowel.
  • Increase dose by 5mL increments after 3-4 days if the desired effect is not achieved.
  • If oil leaks into the child’s underwear reduce dose by 5mL.
  • Use Children’s Parachoc for up to 6 months under the guidance of your doctor.
  • Children’s Parachoc is a gentle lubricant laxative.
  • Unlike other laxatives it is not associated with side effects such as lazy bowel.
  • Always read the label.
  • Use only as directed.
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.
  • Contains 50% paraffin oil
  • Children’s Parachoc should be taken once a day only.
  • After taking Children’s Parachoc children must not lie down for at least two hours.
  • This reduces the risk of the paraffin being regurgitated and inhaled into the lungs.
  • Inadvertent inhalation of liquid paraffin can cause serious respiratory problems.